Freedom of Expression Must be Guarded at All Cost

“If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” ~ Noam Chomsky Most people have returned to work from festive holidays, it always a welcome break if not a necessary distraction. Yet, the realities we left behind remain: industrial actions across Malawi are still holding and National Aids Commission’s (NAC) MK5 million saga shows no sign of abating. The NAC issue is still here mainly because pride, arrogance and political patronage stand in the way of honesty and transparency. I have not seen any convincing and honest argument or reason Continue reading

Calling Malawians “Lazy” for their Plight is Misguided and Self-Defeating

“The realities of the modern global economy require government to play a substantial role in ensuring the national and economic security of the people.” ~ Matthew Continetti One the advantages of publishing online are instant responses and feedback you get from a wider audience – albeit a similar demographic. Some comments are abusive, mostly attacking the author. Not engaging with the content. Yet, there are also critical and engaging comments. I pay attention to the latter and I learn from it. I mainly write on socioeconomic, development and political issues. I do not hide from the fact that Malawi is Continue reading

Malawi: My Fatalistic Nation

“Fatalism comforts, for it raises no questions. There’s not need to examine just how events fit in.” ~ James Hillman Malawi can be a very painful place to live, especially for those who really care about the country and how things are run. Fortunately, I suppose, the majority of Malawians are those who either choose to ignore everyday realities and live, pretending all is well or those who are too naïve to understand how the system controls their consciousness. If more Malawians had levels of political and social consciousness that enable them to question how things are run, I can Continue reading