Dishonest reporting? Media bias and Malawi’s 2014 Tripartite elections

The recently released 2014 elections campaign media coverage monitoring report by Media Monitoring Project has confirmed something I said on this forum last October. Apart from Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, which illegally works and campaigns for the incumbency, news bias is not always a deliberate policy by journalists and their organisations. Bias is often to do with journalism’s structural and systematic flaws. Among the key areas that have been highlighted from the said study, which covered the period from March 22 and 2nd April, are governing party’s (PP) larger share of coverage and high concentration of coverage on presidential race as opposed Continue reading

Malawi 2014 Elections: Airport politics above national security

In the previous week Atupele Muluzi and Joyce Banda, respectively took their respective election campaigns to Mangochi, a traditional stronghold of Mr Muluzi’s United Democratic Front. It is yet to be seen how Mrs Banda’s People’s Party (PP) will do in the district given that this PP’s first electoral contest in the district. What surprised me about those two rallies however is that these two presidential candidates promised a construction of a new airport in the district should they form the next mandate. Yes, you could think of Mangochi, a lakeshore district, in terms of tourism – an area that Continue reading

Malawi 2014 Elections: The choice of lesser evil is harder than you think

The recent political violence at Goliati, Thyolo has been thoroughly scrutinised and rightly condemned by all sane and peace loving Malawians. But these have not stopped the subsequent blame game between DDP and PP about causes and perpetrators of the violence. The positive thing however is that both DDP and PP are clearly aware that Malawians will not tolerate violence. I made my point on this in my last entry on this page and this time I want to look at the same issue from a different perspective. Consider these questions: does the Goliati violence suggest that the political parties Continue reading