Malawi: It’s the First Past The Post, stupid

“For the nation to live, the tribe must die” ~ FRELIMO movement slogan   MCP and Aford must look at a bigger picture Backlashes from the last May’s Tripartite Elections are in full swing. Most of it is grumbling on issues that any foresighted and politically engaged person could have foreseen before the elections. On its part, the country’s main opposition party, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has proposed a federal state as a way of ensure equitable distribution of resources. Likewise, Alliance for Democracy (Aford), a party that has shrunk to only one Member of Parliament, from 36 seats in Continue reading

I write for the love of Malawi, not hatred for anyone

A certain sections of Malawians has what I would call “nauseating culture” whereby people do not want to accept that there are Malawians out there who act purely in the interest of the country and not to please anyone or advance personal political interests. I have observed this through comments on this column and articles I have published elsewhere. This is article addresses the issue. I started writing this column because I felt I could make some contribution to my country, Malawi. Contribution does necessarily have to be material or financial, the language most Malawians understand better; it can also Continue reading

A Tale of Malawi’s Reeling Health Sector

In the running to Malawi’s 20th May 2014 tripartite elections, two separate studies by AfrobarometerandCatholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) established that among key issues that would determine outcome of elections were food security, national security, economic stabilisation, farming subsidies and, to a lesser extent looting of state resources by civil servants and politicians, commonly known as Cashgate. These are indeed some of the Malawi’s perennial problems. Those who are up-to-date with Malawi’s socio-political and economic issues would not be surprised. Conspicuously missing however are education and health sectors. How could Malawians not see these sectors as a priority? Continue reading