A country is as civilised as its most vulnerable citizen, where is Malawi on this?

In the last three weeks or so I have written few articles as well as commentary on social media, mostly on Twitter and Tumblr, on what I consider social, economic and political injustices in Malawi. I believe there is a silent warfare going on in the country, failure in governance, poor service delivery and security breakdown is mostly blamed on poor people, the marginalised majority of this country. Issues of selective ‘justice’ are not new but constant blaming of the poor people for government’s failures is becoming endemic. It time we have a serious discourse on this. In the last Continue reading

Those calling for federalism are actually looking recognition

“Citizenship is more than an individual exchange of freedoms for rights; it is also membership in a body politic, a nation, and a community. To be deemed fair, a system must offer its citizens equal opportunities for public recognition …” ~  Melissa V. Harris-Perry Following the fall of Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union in 1989 and 1991, respectively, American political scientist, Francis Fukuyama wrote an essay – later published as a book in 1992: The End of History and the Last Man. In it, Fukuyama argues that the evolution of human societies is not open ended; the evolution of Continue reading

Cursory Government Policies, The Undoing of Malawi’s Social Fabric

“Everyone is talking about crime, tell me who are the criminals …” ~ Peter Tosh Growing insecurity in Malawi and efforts by the country’s security services to bring it under control has dominated the local new media headlines and public discourse in the recent weeks. President Peter Mutharika has declared “war on crime” and the security services have conducted a security sweeping exercise in the country’s major cities where 2119 suspects were arrested and two firearms have reportedly been confiscated. It is unknown how many of these arrests will lead successful conviction or how many will even go into trial. Continue reading