Could Someone Please Nudge the Malawi Presidency Before it’s Too Late

A recent Mail & Guardian Africa article reporting on a new survey findings by a US-based pollster, Gallup, which hinted that even though the traditional economic indicators such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), household income and unemployment stats are ‘the most heavily relied on by policy-makers, these measures underplay the importance of people’s happiness. Looking at citizen’s happiness levels and an indicator of a nation’s stability, the report says Botswana (surprisingly), Senegal and Malawi are sub-Saharan African countries where people are likely to revolt against their governments. Burkina Faso, where people power recently brought to an end 27 years of Continue reading

The MK50, 000 ‘Allowance’ from Mutharika and the Story Journalists Missed

“It is not enough for journalists to see themselves as mere messengers without understanding the hidden agendas of the message and the myths that surround It.” ~ John Pilger The story about President Peter Mutharika’s ‘white envelopes’ that contained MK50, 000 for Malawi journalists he was hosting at Sanjika state house a couple of weeks ago has faded. The country has moved on to other pertinent issues, Malawi is a country that thrives on crises and disorganisation. Look around and you will see. That the ‘white envelopes’ story is fading away is definitely a relief for journalists involved. Journalists are Continue reading

#Malawi’s Daily Times Trapped by “Balanced” Journalism?

Apparently, mothers in Nkhotakota, Northern Malawi, recently protested against  the death of 13 babies who died between Saturday and Sunday – I’m assuming it was last weekend. The alleged number of death is horrendous. Now does the Daily Times, one of the Malawi’s only two daily newspaper, cover the incident? Their journalist simply “balanced” the story – covering the two side of the story – the hospital’s PR person and the grieved mothers. The mothers said 13 deaths while the spokesperson “said [she] had scant details of the issue at the time of the interview claimed the number of deaths Continue reading