Making Democracy Work for Malawi

“The genius of our ruling class is that it has kept a majority of people from ever questioning the inequity of a system where most people drudge along paying heavy taxes for which they get nothing in return.” ~ Gore Vidal A 2013 International Monitory Fund (IMF) working paper prepared by Christian Ebeke and Dilan Ölçer established that in Low-Income countries elections have negative impact on a country’s fiscal discipline during the election year and two years following those elections. The paper finds that during elections period “government consumption significantly increases and leads to higher fiscal deficits.” The paper further Continue reading

Malawi: Five or Six Questions for Federalists and Secessionists

It is over 13 months since Malawi wake up to a story of a near fatal shooting of the then Budget Director in the Ministry of Finance, Paul Mphwiyo. It is this story that sparked revelations of systematic looting of government resources (cashgate). So far, there have been two convictions and over 70 arrests in connection with cashgate. Anti Corruption Bureau, the graft busting body has publicly confirmed that there are more arrests to be made in the coming days. Mphwiyo, a supposed government corruption buster, according to then State President, Joyce Banda, has also been arrested, suspected for the Continue reading

A country is as civilised as its most vulnerable citizen, where is Malawi on this?

In the last three weeks or so I have written few articles as well as commentary on social media, mostly on Twitter and Tumblr, on what I consider social, economic and political injustices in Malawi. I believe there is a silent warfare going on in the country, failure in governance, poor service delivery and security breakdown is mostly blamed on poor people, the marginalised majority of this country. Issues of selective ‘justice’ are not new but constant blaming of the poor people for government’s failures is becoming endemic. It time we have a serious discourse on this. In the last Continue reading